Nostr research & development

Since I'm online on the internet (1998), I've been interested in online communities and social networking and new ways of digital interactions.
The internet has changed radically since then and that change is not serving our interests. It's fair to say the web is broken in many ways. With Nostr we can fix this.

Censorship. - With Nostr you get a resilience communication platform and you can interact through hunderds of relays. Surveillance. - With Nostr there is no central authority trying to observe you. Privacy. - With Nostr you get privacy by default because you decide what you share. Paying with our personal data and attention. - With Nostr you get zaps (micropayments). It's peer-to-peer streaming money. Mental health issues. - With Nostr you're free of toxic and polarizing algorithms. Ownership. - With Nostr you own your data. All data is signed with your own private key. This is the proof the data is yours. Collective traps and walled gardens. - With Nostr all your data is interoperable. Nostr is designed to be interoperable so you can use different clients to view the same data. Centralization and monopolies. - With Nostr there no single point of failure. All data is stored on thousands of relays around the world. No choice. - With Nostr there are many clients you can choose how to interact with others. Limited and absolute. - With Nostr is agnostic by default so you can build anything. Closed systems. - With Nostr you get freedom by default.

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As a creative technologist I'm open to help you with Nostr in many ways

Sebastian Hagens

Nostr application / nApp development

Build with with Javascript (Vuejs) and PHP (Drupal/Symfony).

Interaction design

Working out UI/UX for prototyping and building minimum viable products.

Relay operations

NostrOps: server configuration, maintenance, devops, secops, Linux (Debian).

Usage & statistics

Fetching data from the Nostr network for new insights.

Training, writing and education

Explaining the potential and new paradigms we're facing with Nostr.

Product owner + QA testing

I could be your technical product owner who is also doing the QA testing trying to brake things.


Helping out how to build pragmatic solutions with Nostr for your ideas.


I believe any contribution to Nostr can have in potential an exponential benefit for all people.
At this moment I'm looking for ways how to contribute to Nostr on the long-term. Please have a look on with my current contributions.